1954 - The CM 61

The CM 61 was specially designed for the ELA.
The preamp worked with an EF94 (6AU6) valve plus an output transformer.
The capsule was changeable, the following models available:

- CM 61 K with omni characteristis ("K" corresponds to the German "Kugel" for omni)
- CM 61 N cardioid ("Niere")
- CM 61 U switchable omni/cardioid ("umschaltbar")
CM 61 US switchable omni/cardioid plus capsule swivel ("umschaltbar", "schwenkbar")

The CM61 was sold also as Philips EL6052 with capsule EL6051.

CM 65 US
Switchable omni/cardioid
with swivel

Omni with basket

Open amplifier without capsule: The 6AU6 valve


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