1959 - The CM 60

The CM 60 was developed in 1959 and became the follower of the CM 61. The amplifier circuitry was very similar but the capsules were adapted differently and they changed their nomenclature to the system that remains the same until today:

CM 63 - omni
CM 64 - cardioid
CM 65 - switchable omni/cardioid
CM 66 - three pattern type omni/cardioid/figure-eight

The picture shows (from left to right): the cardioid CM 64, the omni CM 63 and the switchable cardioid/omni CM 65 (rather tricky: one changed the characteristic by twisting the capsule itself on the amplifier's body). Later a close speech cardioid CM 640, a switchable omni/cardioid CM 55S (with a capsule swivel) and a three pattern CM 66 followed.

In 1969 this microphone got solid state circuitry. You find it on the transistor pages.


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