1969 - CM 62 T / CM 64 T / CM 640 T
The Solid State Follower of the CM 60 Tube Microphone ("T" for transistor)

This microphone was shorter than the tube model but remained pin compatible. This meant that the older tube power supplies could still be used. The capsules got another new means of attachment, as they were now insulated from the housing and therefore needed two contact pins leading to the amplifier. This microphone was delivered in most cases as the close speech cardioid CM 640 and very rarely as the universal cardioid CM 64. The capsule types correspond to the data of the current MK 40 and MK 4.

As with the tube models, the Strässer microphone had separate wires for powering and signal (which was floating and balanced). The microphone used a 6 pin Tuchel connector (T 3402).

Technical Overview:

CM 62 T omni characteristic 40 .. 16000 Hz
CM 64 T universal cardioid 40 .. 16000 Hz
CM 640 T close speech cardioid 200 .. 16000 Hz

N 60 T mains power supply


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