1969 - The CMTS 301 / 301p / 501
Coincident Stereo Microphones

Schoeps introduced the very first mechanically switchable three-pattern capsule, the MKT 26, as early as 1961. In contrast to the common electrically-coupled double diaphragm design, a patented, mechanically switchable transducer with only one diaphragm was used. This offered the exceptional low-frequency response of a real pressure transducer in the "omni" position. In 1969, a stereo condenser microphone, the CMTS 301 / 301p / 501, was launched with two switchable three-pattern single-diaphragm capsules. The CMTS 301 already used the DC coupled output stage of the later Colette series. The CMTS 501 continued with a transformer output.

Power Supply Overview:

CMTS301 12V phantom power
CMTS301p 12V phantom power with reverse polarity (i.e. with the plus pole grounded)
CMTS501 48V phantom power

Connector Overview:

CMTS-D 5 pin Tuchel connector
CMTS-U 5 pin XLR connector

In 1978 the standard pin assignment for the 5 pin XLR changed to the current order
(until then channel 2 had reverse polarity). You find it here.


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