1972 - The CMH 32 / CMH 34 / CMH 52 / CMH 54 Handheld Microphone

The handheld microphones CMH for vocalists are introduced. They are especially high-quality, light-weight handheld microphones with integrated shock mounts and pop screens.

1984 a new hand-held vocalist's microphone CMH 541 with hypercardioid characteristic and a transformerless output stage for the CMH 52 and CMH 54 is introduced (marked by a "C", for example CMH 54C). These types are still manufactured today as CMH 62 / CMH 64 / CMH 641 with improved pop protection and multiple powering possibility (12V or 48V phantom power with automatic supply detector). You find them described at www.schoeps.de

Polar Pattern Overview:

CMH -2 omni characteristic (with shorter pop screen)
CMH -4 cardioid characteristic
CMH -41 supercardioid characteristic

Power Supply Overview

CMH 3- 12V phantom power
CMH 4- 12V parallel feed (T-power)
CMH 5- 48V phantom power
CMH 6- 12V or 48V phantom power with automatic supply detection

Connector Overview:

CMH -D 3 pin Tuchel connector (pin1 = + signal, pin2 = GND, pin3 = - signal)
CMH -U 3 pin XLR connector (pin1 = GND, pin2 = + signal, pin 3 = - signal)



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