Uniques, Prototypes and Models that were Never Manufactured

The following pictures show uniques, prototypes for later series and models that SCHOEPS decided not to manufacture.

1968: ORTF with two M221F

Double A 20 elastic suspension for side fired microphone arangements
(for example Blumlein)

Prototype of a coincident stereo microphone with 20mm capsule diameter instead of the 30mm at the CMTS
The prototype for the later CCM-L series, we called it Baby Mike

Prototype of a battery powered microphone (not continued) (approx. 1970)

The prototype of the four channel Colette mixer MCQ

If we would have continued this ball adapter we would have called it KA 100 (diameter 100mm)

Wooden model of a big mike, never being realized

The third step of devellopment was published: The CUT 1

... and finally: SCHOEPS in Madagaskar
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